Needing a custom-decorated cake soon?

Please order cakes with custom decorations well in advance

in order to guarantee the availability of our decorators to complete your design!

Plan for a 10 day notice to guarantee that we can make what you have in mind!

We are always able to provide our Classic 9" rounds on impulse….

but custom sizes and decorations require much more notice!

We are usually able to bake custom sizes with a border and writing and some simple decorations up until Wednesday at noon for the same weekend. Custom colors, designs, and fondant work all require more advance notice. (10 days)

hours to order custom-decorated cakes


Custom-decorated cake orders are taken in shop

Monday through Wednesday from 11a-6p.

We love the opportunity to help you create custom-decorated cakes for special occasions.  However, we have found that our shop is just too hectic from Thursday - Sunday to be able to provide the level of service that we like to give when it comes to custom-decorated cake orders.  Hence, the best time to sit, chat and compile all of the details we need to create your special cake is Monday through Wednesday during the day (11am - 6pm).


If you are not able to visit us during that time, please send an email to for our staff to correspond with you via phone and email.  

We look forward to seeing you real soon!

Through the years we have noticed a few things ring true ...

custom sizes & pricing

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simple borders for everyday and custom size cakes

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