We love the wonderful community that surrounds our bakery and we have enjoyed partnering with the diverse multitude of charitable organizations who have reached out to us to support their causes since our business opened in 1985. From schools to churches and every good cause in between, we have done our best to help.

However, in 2018, we made the decision to narrow our focus for charitable giving to causes that are especially near and dear to our hearts and that we feel are at a critical need level at this point in time.

We believe that our environment (air, land, water) and all of its species (whether vanishing or endangered or not!) need all of the help they can get and that time is of the essence.

We feel very honored to be asked to partner with the many organizations that reach out to us each year.  In order to efficiently help as many groups as we can, we kindly ask that all requests be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the event.  Our kitchen runs a busy schedule and we must balance the requests for donation of products with the requests from our customers in the community who also need our baked goods for their events!    

Baked goods donations requests are evaluated based upon our kitchen production availability for your date of event and the organization requesting the donation (environmental or wildlife/animal care non-profit groups only, please!).

Note: We are also open to donating a gift certificate to the bakery for use as an auction item to raise funds.

If your donation request is one that we can fulfill, you will be contacted within 3 days of your email confirming the details.  We will at that time want to coordinate a pick up date and time as well as any other details relating to the event.  If you are not contacted within one week of your request, that is an indication that we are unable to honor your request at this time.

A partial list of the organizations that we have supported this year is as follows.

We encourage you all to learn more about these wonderful organizations!

African Wildlife Foundation

Animal Protection Society of Durham


Audubon Society

Break the Chain Kennel Cru

Brother Mountain

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Carolina Tiger Rescue

Center for Biological Diversity

Conservation International

Defenders of Wildlife

Dogwood Alliance


Earthshare NC

Environment America

Environmental Defense Fund

Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund

Environmental Working Group

Greensboro Beautiful

Guilford County Animal Shelter

Humane Society International

Juliet’s House

Keepers of the Wild

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

League of Conservation Voters

Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue

National Park Foundation

Native Plant Society of NC

Natural Resources Defense Council

NC Conservation Network

North Carolina Wildlife Federation

NSCU Vet Hospital

Network for Animals

Natural Resources Defense Council


Old North Canine Rescue


Pug Rescue of NC

Red Dog Farm

Sea Legacy

Sierra Club, NC Chapter

Singita Grumeti Fund


SPCA of the Triad

The Nature Conservancy

Trust for Conservation

Turtle Island Restoration Network

Union of Concerned Scientists

Wildlife SOS

World Wildlife Fund


We have also become very interested in learning ways that we as a business can make the best choices for our planet and for its inhabitants. We’ve made a lot of changes in the last 18 months that we believe matter … from ingredient selection (organic if at all possible, no palm oil unless it is RSPO certified, and local when we have the option!), green packaging choices, green cleaning choices, full-scale recycling, composting, and the use of USA-made or responsibly sourced items for our physical store…from lighting to furniture to flooring to wallpaper and more!

Thank you for providing us the opportunity to better serve our community through partnering with organizations that are doing so much good work for our world and its creatures!  We wish you all the best with your event!

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